Wheel Refurbishment

Wheel Refurbishment Services

Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs offer affordable, high-quality wheel refurbishment services from their Sunshine Coast workshop to improve the appearance and re-sale value of your vehicle. We offer high quality refurbishment at an OEM level of quality control, meaning you won’t be able to tell the difference between your newly refurbished wheels and brand new wheels. Give us a call for high-quality, affordable wheel refurbishment and repair. Our team of experts can have your wheel back to you better than ever on the same day you drop it off!

Dented and Scratched Wheels:

Whether it’s a bit of gutter rash or denting, it can be annoying to have a ‘black sheep’ amongst the rest of your wheels. Fortunately, the cost of correcting visual issues with wheels is very cheap, and well worth it if you’d like to keep your new car looking flash. Our skilled wheel machine repairers use the same materials and colour shades that the manufacturer uses, so you won’t even recognise the difference!

Choice of Colour:

If you’ve got a few dented wheels, and you’d like to personalise your vehicle, why not have them sprayed a different colour? Typically, the price to have them sprayed in a different colour is either the same or slightly more expensive, depending on the shade, so when we’re refurbishing multiple wheels, we’ll offer you the choice if you’d like to distinguish your car from the rest.

Cost of Wheel Refurbishment:

Getting a quote on a wheel refurbishment is as simple as sending in a photo of the dented wheel in question via email or text. This will show us what kind of wheel material it’s made of, as wheel as the finish, allowing us to give you an accurate quote.

Future Re-Sale Value:

The cost of having your wheels repaired is marginal compared to the bargaining power that future buyers will have when it comes time to sell your vehicle. Having a vehicle appear flawless will allow you to sell your vehicle for a higher price, without the dealer or buyer trying to bargain with your vehicle’s flaws.

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Wheel Refurbishment Services

Get in touch via phone, email or text to request a quote for any of our wheel refurbishment services. Call (07) 5479 2588