Frequently Asked Questions
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Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs FAQs

We’re always ready to help our clients at Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs, so feel free to search through some of our most commonly asked questions for the answers you need:

  • How long will it take to repair my wheels and rims?
    A. We have a fast turnaround for our customers’ convenience. We can have your vehicle back to you in one business day if delivered to us in the morning.
  • What time do you open?
    A. We open at 8am for you to drop off your vehicle on your way to work. We can open earlier or later and on Saturdays by appointment.
  • I drive an expensive sports car? Will my rim repair cost more?
    A. No, we charge the same rate regardless of the make or model or car. Trucks and 4WD prices may vary.
  • Do you guarantee the final finish?
    A. All our work is guaranteed for normal road use. SUNSHINE WHEEL AND MECHANICAL REPAIRSand does not cover new damage, stone chips from normal driving, after the use of acid wash or any wheel cleaner that contains acid.
  • I have a custom colour on my car and am worried about it not matching?
    A. We work with you to develop a perfectly matched custom colour. We have a huge range of colours and variations, including shadow chrome.
  • How do you repair the wheel?
    A. We machine the damaged areas, prep the wheel for painting, paint the wheel then paint clear coat on the wheel, replicating the wheel’s original colour and condition.
  • I can see some white on my wheels; can you get rid of that?
    A. The white you see is the undercoat used in the original painting process. We will make sure we repaint over all the damaged areas.
  • Do you repaint the whole wheel?
    A. Generally, we repaint only the damaged area, leaving the majority of the wheel in its original condition.
  • I’m looking for a custom colour?
    A. We can custom colour your wheel to pretty much any colour or combination of colours. Just tell us what you want!
  • Do you do shadow chrome?
    A. Yes we do. This is a very specialised process and we’re proud to say that we have spent the longest time perfecting this effect out of all the wheel restorers on the Sunshine Coast. Panel shops will often send this work to us because of our experience.
  • Do you re-polish the wheel?
    A. Yes, we can re-polish wheels and apply a machine finish. We re-polish the wheel then paint a clear coat on top to preserve the polished finish.
  • Do you take my wheel off the car?
    A. We always remove wheels as this avoids overspray onto the paintwork. Also, from an OH&S point of view, it’s better for our technicians to have the wheel at the correct height.
  • How do you get rid of all the scratches?
    A. We machine and sand the scratches back to a smooth finish then repaint the wheel. In some cases, in which the damage is more extensive, we will weld fill the area. We NEVER use bog-type fillers at SUNSHINE WHEEL AND MECHANICAL REPAIRSSunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs.
  • How long does a basic wheel restoration take?
    A. Generally, it takes between 60 to 90 minutes to repair and repaint your wheel. We recommend that you only use the wheel on well-surfaced roads out of the wet for a couple of days at least. We can complete the repair while you wait by arrangement only. If the wheel or car itself is booked in and you’ve requested that we do same-day service, this applies to ALL types of repairs.
  • How long before I can drive the car?
    A. It is best to leave the car for at least one hour before driving it. The longer you leave the car before driving, the better the paint will dry and cure.
  • Is the paint baked on?
    A. No, the paint is air cured. This means the paint will be touch-dry within an hour and will take approximately 1 to 2 days to fully dry. In some cases, it can take up to 10 days to fully cure so it’s best to not use the wheel. Your wheel can be left at SUNSHINE WHEEL AND MECHANICAL REPAIRS and your spare put on, otherwise you can leave your car with us.
  • When can I wash the car?
    A. It is best not to get the wheel wet for at least one day, and even better if you can leave it for 10 days to really cure properly. Don’t use a carwash, only wash with soap, water and a sponge.
  • What about the shine on the wheel, can you match that?
    A. Yes, the shine is clear coat and we paint clear coat on the wheel to match the original colour and shine.
  • How do you match the colour of my wheel?
    A. We have a number of Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM paints we use to match the colour on every type of wheel.
  • Do you re-weld the wheel?
    A. Yes, we can re-weld wheels at our workshop.
  • Will I still be able to see the damaged area?
    A. Generally, for most damaged wheels, you will not be able to see the damaged areas. On some wheels, where the damage was particularly deep, you may notice the profile of the wheel slightly altered, but once the wheel has been painted, it will blend into the surrounding areas and be as good as new again.
  • Do I need to get the wheel rebalanced?
    A. Generally, wheels do not need to be rebalanced if just being painted. The alloy wheel is so light that the small amount of machining and repainting that we do does not affect the overall balance of the wheel and tyre. For machine finish and re-rolling, the tyre needs to be removed and therefore needs to be balanced.
  • What happens when I get the tyre changed?
    A. As long as the tyre technicians use standard methods to change your tyre, then the wheel should remain in good condition. Unfortunately, wheels may be scratched during the wheel change process, which is not our responsibility at this point.
  • My tyre does not hold air. Why is this?
    A. This will often be due to a dent in the rim or a crack, we are able to weld and straighten your rim.
  • My steering wheel vibrates when driving?
    A. It is likely to be a buckled front wheel and requires inspection as soon as possible
  • My car vibrates when driving?
    A. In this case, it is likely you have a rear buckled wheel and requires inspection as soon as possible
  • Are you insured?
    A. We are fully insured.
  • How do I keep my wheel clean?
    A. The best method to keep your wheel clean is to regularly clean the wheel with soap and water, using a clean sponge to get into all the spokes and corners.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    A. Cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card and bank credit and invoice (bank credit and invoice to trade customers only).
  • What is a CNC Machine?
    A. It’s a Lenko Computer Numerical Cutter and ensures a professional finish every time.
  • What does OEM mean?
    A. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It refers to the manufacturer of the original equipment, the parts assembled and installed during the construction of the vehicle.

(*The guarantee covers normal road use, whereby the washing instructions are followed, any imperfections in the wheel rim will be concealed to our best capabilities, and be mindful that the silicone content of the alloy in the rim and the original condition can affect the finish, which is not under SUNSHINE WHEEL AND MECHANICAL REPAIRSSunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs control.)