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Sunshine Coast Wheel Painting Service

Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs perform wheel painting including rim re-sprays and custom colour finishes on stock and aftermarket wheels in the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine We have a state-of -the-art wheel restoration and painting facility in Maroochydore, allowing us to perform OEM-spec finishes and repairs on your wheels, be they a simple re-paint or a complete custom colour makeover. Our qualified technicians are highly experienced in paint restoration and finishing and can have your wheels back to you in an OEM quality finish on the same day, no matter the material or finish! Please give us a call to organise one of our skilled technicians to paint your wheels in your colour of choice.

A lot of our customers find that black or charcoal wheels can really set their car apart and give it a sleeker look. The problem is, many new cars that come to Australia aren’t available with blackened wheels as an option, despite their foreign versions having the option. Our wheel painting services are cheaper than the typical upgrade cost at a dealer, and we can do it in any shade of colour that you like to really set it apart from the rest!

Along with custom wheel painting, we can perform stock OEM finish replacement if your existing finish has started to flake off. If you’ve got a specific colour in mind or would like to see what colours we’ve got in stock, please get in touch with us or swing by our workshop and see the high-quality work that we do first-hand!

Durable Finishing:

Ever see a flaking finish on a relatively new wheel? This can be a sign that the finish either wasn’t applied properly or wasn’t designed to cope with the harsh Australian heat. When we apply a new finish to a wheel, we keep in mind the conditions that they can be exposed to, given Australia’s harsh environment. That’s why we carefully protect your wheels with high-quality clear coating, ensuring it’ll last for many years to come.

We put the same level of effort and care into each wheel we finish, utilising high-quality paints to suit our high-quality technique. The wheels that roll off our factory floor, put back onto your vehicle are wheels that we would feel confident driving on ourselves. Give us a call for a quote or to book in your vehicle for a complete re-finish of the existing wheels.

Wheel Alignment Service:

To ensure your tyres don’t prematurely wear and your vehicle is as safe to drive as possible, it’s important to have your wheels aligned if it has not been done for a while. Since your wheels will obviously need to come off before we paint them, we recommend having a wheel alignment performed when we re-fit your wheels. We have precision wheel alignment equipment on-site to allow for quick and accurate alignment of your wheels after the finishing process is complete.

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Wheel Painting Service

Get in touch via phone, email or text to request a quote for any of our wheel painting or alignment services. Call (07) 5479 2588