Log Book Servicing
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Reliable Logbook Servicing in Maroochydore

Sunshine Wheel & Mechanical Repairs provide affordable log book servicing for cars on the Sunshine Coast. We’re are more than just a wheel repair company; over the years we’ve slowly expanded into automotive servicing after our customers expressed their confidence in our work and attention to detail, regularly asking us to perform more and more automotive services. Our logbook servicing is completed by an experienced and qualified technician in our Maroochydore workshop and is offered at a much more reasonable price than dealerships. Please give us a call to book in your car for a scheduled logbook servicing by one of our skilled technicians at a time that suits you.

Will My Warranty Remain Intact?

The benefit of using an independent mechanical workshop for your logbook servicing is that you can have your vehicle looked at thoroughly by an experienced technician, often for a much lower price than the dealer can offer,. We use OEM parts when servicing your vehicle to ensure it maintains its manufacturers warranty.

What’s Included in My Logbook Service?

Typically, a standard logbook service includes a replacement of your fluids, filters and a visual check and road test of your vehicle to identify any issues or components requiring servicing. In a major service, we’ll do a more comprehensive check of all mechanical components on your vehicle, and replace anything designated by the manufacturer, such as spark plugs and belts when necessary. For items outside the standard service that require replacement, we’ll always call you before replacing them.

Some components, such as the clutch, brakes and tyres will wear out depending on your driving habits, rather than the maintenance schedule, so all our services include an inspection of these. If we notice that something will need attention at your next service, or that you have a major service coming up at the next service interval, we’ll inform you after we’re done with your car and provide you with an estimate on the cost of replacement, allowing you to prepare yourself financially.

Do You Work on All Makes and Models?

Yes! Our team of technicians are well experienced in servicing all makes and models, including European brands. We can quickly identify parts via our smart part finding software and obtain parts for your vehicle easily. When you give us a call to book in your vehicle, simply have your year, make and model ready and we’l book you in!

Logbook Servicing Maroochydore

Get in touch with Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs to book your vehicle in for a logbook services. Call (07) 5479 2588