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Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs are a trusted Maroochydore mechanical workshop, providing Sunshine Coast residents with affordable servicing and mechanical repairs. Since establishing ourselves in 2007, we’ve gradually expanded our expertise into mechanical repairs, providing our customers with an affordable service, high-quality workmanship and fast turnaround times. The same skill and attention to detail we’re renowned for with our wheel repair is put into our mechanical services.

Our Maroochydore workshop is stocked with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment  and thermal image diagnosis equipment, allowing for precise repairs with minimal time spent fault-finding. We work on all makes and models, including European cars. Please give us a call to book your car in with our expert technicians.

Mechanical Services:

We work on all aspects of vehicle maintenance, with experience in servicing all kinds of makes and models. Whilst we don’t do large jobs such as engine rebuilds, our general mechanical services encompass the entire car and include:

  • Brakes and Clutch
  • Suspension
  • Engine Servicing
  • Comprehensive vehicle check

We don’t believe in just identifying a problem and replacing a part. Every single one of our services includes a before and after test drive to ensure that the problem you came in with is 100% resolved. We look for a fix-all solution, not just a quick repair that will have you back at our workshop in a few weeks.

Brakes and Clutch:

Brakes and clutches are a wear item that will require replacement depending on how you drive your car. Whilst we include a thorough inspection of brakes and clutch operation during our servicing inspection, if you notice that your car has started squeaking while braking, taking a longer time to stop, or are having difficulty taking off with your clutch, give us a call and have your car looked at by one of our expert technicians.

We can source a wide variety of both OEM and aftermarket parts, allowing us to provide options to suit different budgeting requirements. Sometimes your brake rotors may not require complete replacement, and we can perform brake rotor machining in house.


If you’ve got an orchestra of squeaks and vibrations following you wherever you drive, swing by our workshop to have it inspected. We’ll do a road test and underbody inspection to determine the problem quickly and have you back on the road without any undesirable noises to bother you again.

Engine Servicing:

Included in our servicing is a thorough inspection of your engine and replacement of oils, filters and wear items such as belts when necessary. We realise that engine problems can pop up between services so ifyou’ve got any problems with your engine in between service schedules, such as poor fuel economy, misfiring or lack of power response, bring your car in to us for inspection.

Comprehensive Vehicle Check:

Along with the above main items, we’ll also test out various features of your car to ensure things like all your lights work, and we’ll adjust your headlights using our special equipment if necessary. If we suspect any abnormalities, we’ll also do a Engine Control Unit diagnostic scanand perform a thermal image diagnosis to see if there’s any mechanical or other faults and advise you.

Maroochydore Mechanic

Get in touch with Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs to book your vehicle in with one of our Maroochydore mechanics. Call (07) 5479 2588