Computerised Diagnostics
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Sunshine Coast Vehicle Diagnostics

Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs provide precision vehicle diagnostics and fault finding from their Maroochydore workshop on the Sunshine Coast. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic computers,  we’ll check everything from rubbing, squeaking or rattling sounds through to engine start-up and misfire problems, using a combination of skilled technical expertise and diagnostic equipment. Please give us a call to book your car in to have one of our qualified technicians look over it.

We’re tireless in our search for locating the problem with your vehicle. Our workshop is equipped with highly efficient diagnostic equipment, including thermal imaging and electronic  computerised diagnostic equipment, used to identify faults logged at the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and the condition of wear items on your car. Along with our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we think it’s important to have experienced technicians who are adept at fault-finding, and our team of techniciants can figure out any problem manually should our equipment not identify a fault.

Faults We Work On:

Whether it’s a simple rattle or poor engine performance, we use state of the art equipment that allows us to quickly identify problems evident in your vehicle. We use a combination of electronic and manual diagnosis techniques to fix:

  • Fuel economy problems
  • Squeaks and rattles
  • Starting Problems
  • Idling Issues

We seek to fix problems at the source, not the symptom, and work hard to ensure your vehicle isn’t going to be back in the workshop in a months’ time.

Electronic Diagnosis:

We have state of the art computerised diagnostic equipment at our facility, allowing us to quickly detect and repair any faults evident on your vehicle. We use electronic scanner tools to read your car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) the internal computer, allowing us to find the cause of check engine lights and other mechanical problems. In addition to electronic scanning, we use thermal imaging diagnostics, a new technology that allows us to scan a particular item on your vehicle and detect how worn it is immediately, saving us time spent looking for an issue, whilst saving you money in labour costs.

Manual Diagnostics:

If there’s a squeak, rattle or rubbing sound coming from your vehicle, we’ll take your vehicle for a road test and manually identify the problem if we cannot identify it via electronic analysis or thermal imaging diagnosis.

Vehicle Diagnostics Service

Get in touch Sunshine Wheel and Mechanical Repairs to organise a vehicle diagnostic inspection on your vehicle and discover what is causing you issues. Call (07) 5479 2588